Featured Image courtesy Ben Prepelka 

Courtesy Matlacha Chamber of Commerce
Courtesy Matlacha Chamber of Commerce

If you’ve ever been curious about that colorful little island village between Cape Coral and Pine Island, this tour is the perfect introduction.

Courtesy Leoma Lovegrove
Courtesy Leoma Lovegrove

This delightful history, art, eco and taste adventure combines Matlacha’s salty history with the signature tastes of a little island that is a commercial fishing village with the alter ego of an artist colony. Our flavorful tour will be the best 90 minutes of your day in Matlacha (mat-la-shay).


After the tour, you may want to explore village shops and galleries right up until HAPPY HOUR with live-music at any of Matlacha’s waterside bar/restaurants.

Courtesy Marybeth Scott, beachesbarsandbungalows.com
Courtesy Marybeth Scott

Begins at the Olde Fish House & Marina, 4530 Pine Island Rd. NW, Matlacha. Ends at Leoma Lovegrove’s Gallery & Gardens, 4637 Pine Island Road NW,Matlacha



PARKING BEHIND the Olde Fish House & Marina

Private group tours (min. 10) available upon request

$18 per person








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6 thoughts on “Flavors of Matlacha Island Tour

      1. Thanks, is that every Friday at 10 a.m.? May try to get my friends together for next Friday. Thanks, Barbara


    1. OK, so your website says NOV 17th – I am confused. Do I understand that you have available spots on Friday, March 16, at 10 a.m.? If so I will send email to friends to see how many we have.


  1. I don’t see where it says Nov 17th.

    But right now we are still available for March 16th.
    If you call me I can take a reservation over the phone with a credit card.
    or you can purchase tickets or the website.

    I can be reached at 239 945 0405

    Thank you
    Gina Taylor


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