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About Us

A letter from the owner


I’m Gina Taylor, the founder and owner of True Tours. Our walking tours of the historic river district of Fort Myers and of Matlacha Island have won 2015-2016 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Awards and been named by USA Today one of the TOP TEN ATTRACTIONS in Lee County.

I started True Tours in 2010 for basically two reasons: to help preserve the fascinating history of Ft. Myers, and to help revitalize the historic river district by providing another draw to the area.

As the first director of the historic Murphy-Burroughs Home, former director of the Southwest Florida Museum of History, a founding member and vice president of the Lee County Trust for Historic Preservation, a Board member of the River District Alliance and of the Matlacha Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Southwest Florida Attractions Association, I have a passion for preserving history and historical landmarks. I cannot imagine a better way to do that than to give people an appreciation for the amazing history of this town.

The narratives of our history are fun, and sometimes moving, but always history-rich, and you can count on the accuracy of our history because the facts we relate are documented by professional historians. And I have to say that, judging by the popularity of these tours, people seem to have a thirst for history, perhaps today more than ever before.

I hope you, your friends, family, and winter guests will join us soon for one of our award-winning True Tours in Fort Myers, FL.


In Fort Myers, where the echoes of the past blend with the energy of the present, True Tours stands as a beacon for adventurers and history buffs alike. Imagine strolling through the historic streets, where every corner whispers tales of yesteryear, and the air is thick with stories of pioneers and the echoes of the unseen. This is where True Tours weaves its magic, not just as a journey through the River District, but as a portal to another time.

a person standing in front of a store

Gina Taylor, the dynamo behind True Tours, has been the compass guiding this journey since 2010. With her at the helm, a tapestry of the city’s vibrant past is unfurled before your eyes. It’s no surprise that the accolades have poured in, with TripAdvisor bestowing its Certificate of Excellence Awards upon True Tours, and USA Today ranking it as a top ten attraction in Lee County.

But why should you take this walk down memory lane? Because True Tours isn’t just a walking tour; it’s an experience that stitches together the fabric of Fort Myers with the threads of intrigue, heroism, and the supernatural. Whether it’s the Haunted History Tour that tickles your fancy or the River District History Tour that piques your interest, you’re in for more than just a walk. It’s an education and an entertainment, a dance with history choreographed by the expert storytelling of guides like Mercedes, whose charm and knowledge leave guests spellbound.

Consider the review from a delighted guest who, along with their fiancé, found the Haunted Tour to be more than just a mere saunter through the city. It was a night of engaging tales spun by Mercedes, a tour guide praised for bringing history to life with a balance of spookiness and fun.

Or take the words of another visitor, who discovered a treasure trove of city lore and was introduced to the welcoming shop owners that are the heartbeat of the downtown area. These testimonials speak volumes of the connections True Tours fosters, not just between people and history, but among the people of today and the spirits of yesterday.

True Tours offers an intimate gaze into the annals of Fort Myers, through its cemetery tours, where the departed tell their own stories and history feels as close as the Florida sun. Here, every gravestone is a bookmark in the epic saga of the city, and True Tours is your guide through its chapters.

For residents and visitors alike, True Tours is more than just a thing to do; it’s a way to see Fort Myers through a lens that captures its true essence. It’s a venture that transcends the typical tourist traps and delves into the heart of the city’s legacy, a chance to walk with the pioneers in the very footsteps they once trod.

So why not take the leap? Immerse yourself in the narrative, the history, the community. True Tours is not just telling stories; it’s preserving them, one step at a time. And with the glowing reviews as your beacon, why not join the legion of satisfied history hunters and ghost chasers?
For those eager to embark on this voyage through time, your chariot awaits:

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