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Fort Myers Tours

True Tours offers ghost tours and walking tours in Fort Myers, FL that are both educational and entertaining. Our tours are a fun and interesting way to learn more about the history, hauntings, art, and architecture of our unique city. Book your Fort Myers tour with us today!

Featured History & Walking Tours in Fort Myers, FL

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From $20

Whether you’re a believer in the unseen or not, this 90-minute evening-into-night stroll & ghost tour through our historic district is fun for all! Learn some of the documented (as well as the undocumented) history of this peculiar little town. Explore glimpses into the unseen & hear stories of paranormal activity of those who cannot leave the buildings in which they lived…or died.

From $20

On this 90-minute walking tour, you learn your way around not only this charming town but also around the intrigues and rivalries of those who built it. This Fort Myers tour educates and entertains you with narratives of local history, and acquaints you with the colorful personalities of the founders of our city.