Meet Our Tour Guides

We are justifiably proud of our tour guides. Each has been chosen for his or her experience, whether as a tour guide, a public speaker or performer, a historian, or as a delightful combination of all the above. Each has been professionally trained to provide our valued guests with a history tour that is factual (as opposed to fantastical) and an experience that is both fun and educational.

Ladies and gentlemen, in their own words, let us introduce:

Lauri Grace

Lauri Grace

  • Chevron down I lead Haunted History and Flavors of Matlacha Island
  • I was born and raised in New Jersey. I grew up watching horror movies, reading Stephen King, and believing monsters lived under my bed. Ha!

    While living in the US Virgin Islands, I discovered my love for being a tour guide as I led hundreds of tourists through the historic homes of St. Thomas. That’s why I’m thrilled to be able to pull history and the paranormal together here in Ft Myers.

    I bring my own blend of charm, enthusiasm, and humor to every tour. It’s easy to see that I truly enjoy sharing the spine-tingling experience of haunted Fort Myers, as well as the fun of Matlacha with my guests.

Seth Ford

Seth Ford

  • Chevron down I lead the River District History Tour
  • I grew up very close to downtown Fort Myers on Jackson Street. My family has been in the Fort Myers area since the 1910s and in Florida since the 1850s.

    I grew up fishing in the river downtown, playing music, and singing. I still do that often with my wife and daughter. We’re called the Shytunas. We play all over Lee County at ice cream shops, street corners, and for people waiting in lines.

    My close personal knowledge of downtown and my love for my hometown shines through in my tours and makes the experience even better for our guests.

Headshot of Mercedes Price

Mercedes Price-Harry

  • Chevron down I lead the Flavors of Matlacha Tour
  • I grew up a military kid (Semper Fi!) and have lived in nearly every corner of the USA. Few places have captured my heart like Southwest Florida. After graduating with a BS in Speech Communication from Georgia Southern University I transferred to Cape Coral. What was supposed to be a brief period of my younger life has turned into 16 warm, tropical and funtastic years! I’ve worked on Matlacha Island for 7 years and it is, by far, my favorite island here in paradise. The fishing, the seafood, the art, the wildlife and the locals make it special. I’m excited to share this little treasure and it’s interesting history!

    I have worked in both private and public sector career roles and offer a balanced and unique perspective on our urban centers that engage our guests. This tour also evokes for guests fond memories of their own hometowns.

Kay Barber

Kay Barber

  • Chevron down I lead Legends & Legacies: The Women in Fort Myers History
  • I am a Texan who loves history. I was a history major at the University of Texas. Then a flight attendant for Braniff Airways. When my children left the nest, I moved to Carmel, California, where I was a tour guide for five years. In 2000, I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I was a guide for 16 years and a Road Scholar group leader for 4 years.

    True Tours’ Legends & Legacies tour inspires and amazes me. It is unlike any history tour I have ever led. And for you, this will be unlike any tour you’ve experienced. I am honored to have been chosen to share this history with you.