Featured image courtesy Bernard W. Moore Photography

This 90-minute walking tour offers glimpses into the unseen, with stories of the reputed paranormal activity of those who cannot or will not leave the buildings in which they lived…or died.


Many of our tour guests have seen “spirits,” while others have discovered unsettling images on their photographs.

Courtesy Gina Birch
Courtesy Gina Birch

Whether you believe or not, this evening-into-night stroll through our historic district is fun and informative of our documented history, as well as the…well…arguable.


   Wednesdays and Saturdays – 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

All tours begin and end at the Franklin Shops, 2200 First Street in downtown Fort Myers

Private group tours (min. 10) available upon request

$14 per person


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14 thoughts on “Haunted History Tour

    1. Thank you, Michael, for your remarkable review of our Haunted History tour and our company. It is good to know that our efforts to entertain and to educate are recognized and appreciated. Your words are an inspiration to all of us at True Tours.



  1. We had a great time! Laurie our tour guide was out of this world, no pun intended!
    What a great way to spend a Saturday night! Drinking spirits and looking for them.
    Very informative and entertaining.


  2. My girlfriend and I had never done any type of tour before this one so we were both excited with high expectations especially since we love horror and haunted themed stuff. Our tour guide was absolutely astounding with the flow and having people involved along with the compelling stories that really chilled your bones at times. Not once did she ever seem to be dragging things out. She had quite the lovely personality that kept you immersed in the stories and history of the town. Definitely a 10/10 in our book and we recommend everyone to give it a go. Keep up the great work!


  3. Highly recommend! My family and I (complete with grandparents – one who was pushed in his walker through most of the tour) thoroughly enjoyed this experience! I don’t think there’s a person on earth who could have done a better job than our guide, Lori. She was fantastic! Also, I got quite an interesting photo of a face in the window. I’ll gladly share it, but not sure how.


  4. This was increadable! I have a few images of Orbs and some details my tour guide and I could make out as a face. Is there anyway I could send it to you? I was a non-believer before this and seeing the images and hearing the story’s really made me a true Believer. Thank you!


    1. this was a great tour and using the k2 device was great in some spots the k2 went crazy practically off the charts especially in the alleyway where the haunted apartment is i would love check out as a amateur paranormal investigator i would love to get in and see what kind of activity is going on and figure out who is haunting it and how to remove them anyone who has pics of what they’ve seen can email me at banzelone852@gmail.com


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